IndraDrive C Warnings

Error codes may not improve your day when they show up on your Rexroth drive, but there is a silver lining with IndraDrive C Warnings; they let you know what’s wrong with your motion control system. Instead of cursing and kicking your drive (you wouldn’t do that, would you?), you can check the error code in your manual and find some likely solutions for your problem.

IndraDrive C Warnings are one type of error message. Basically, if something has gone wrong but your drive is able to continue operating correctly, you’ll get a warning message.

These warnings begin with the letter E. If they start with E1 through E7, you’ll see the warning and know that you need to fix the problem. Messages that start with E8 will usually cause the power to shut off.

F messages, also known as Fatal Error messages, cause a drive action. Some errors start your IndraDrive on the best deceleration path. Others may result in torque disabling. Your safety and the best interests of the machine determine how your machine responds to the errors.

Check the manual, make the fix, turn the machine back on again, and see if the error message has cleared. If so, you’re good.

Clearing IndraDrive C Warnings

IndraDrive C warnings cannot be cleared; these warnings persist until the problem is solved. You might not be able to tell what the problem is, though, because your drive is still functioning.

Some warnings become errors if they’re ignored, but others will remain as warnings. It’s never a good plan to ignore a warning and hope it goes away by itself.

One step you can take when you get a warning is to consider what changes you’ve made in the environment of your Indra Drive. Has the ambient temperature changed recently? Is the humidity higher than it was when you installed your drive? Have you moved it, or moved things around it?

An IndraDrive C is not a prima donna, but changes in the environment can have effects. If that’s not your issue, give us a call. We specialize in Rexroth electric motion control, and we have the nation’s largest selection of replacement units. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate support, or contact us online.

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