Updates from Rexroth on Servo Technology

the-automation-conference-greentechmediaAt the last The Automation Conference this May, Rexroth talked about some new innovations headed our way. One of the biggest changes was the reduction of cables, now that servos can use a single cable to relay information and hook onto a line of motors, and it’s being expanded to the IndraDrive Mi range of motors so only a single bus is required. Rexroth is also continuing their commitment to safety with new improvements.

In an article about The Automation Conference news, the CEO of Rexroth told reporters that the new changes will allow for faster installation times and fewer cables, reducing overall costs. Although Rexroth servos with the drive directly on them have been available since 2005, this isn’t always possible for all applications for servos. One cable capabilities allow for faster installation but also reduced maintenance costs because instead of cutting through two separate cables by accident, you only have to replace one cable.

Another big move from Rexroth is increased safety changes. As it stands now, if you have multiple servos on one line, you have to shut them all down to safely access one of them. Rexroth is incorporating new innovations that will allow you to access one region safely while still operating the other servos in other regions. This can cut down on interruptions for service or to resolve problems and keep your manufacturing working, no matter what might happen.

If you’re looking for more information about the IndraDrive Mi range motors, be sure to check out this profile from Rexroth. The IndraDrive Mi range allows for servo motors to be daisy chained off of other motors, allow for shorter cables to prevent cables from getting caught in machinery or having to use lots of cables to accomplish connections. They’re perfect for pick and place applications and other needs that require a lot of movement.

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