Ur Doin it Wrong

Or are you?

The problem is, it can be very hard to distinguish between problems with your Rexroth Indramat motion control system and problems with the way you have it configured.

Is it the machines, or the humans?

We hear about problems, for example, when systems are shut down only once every year or two. When it’s time to start back up, faults turn up and it takes time to clear them.

There may or may not be something wrong with the machinery, but downtime is unacceptable, so the hardware gets replaced and there may be some cursing going on.

Here are some of the things that can cause problems:

  • Dirty air
  • Dirty electricity
  • Dirty cables
  • Wet cables
  • Condensation caused by temp fluctuations
  • Not following instructions for wiring and installation

It’s human nature (and I guess also factory nature) that something you only do every year or so doesn’t stay clearly in your mind. Most of us don’t remember the words to the national anthem even though we might sing it at the opening game (“O’er the…da da da da….was so….da da da… streaming…”) every year. You kind of remember, or one of the guys thinks he was here last time it was done, so you don’t take the care that was used at the initial installation.



Haul out the Indramat manuals and follow the directions. Make sure everything is clean and dry. The time spent on doing it right will be saved because you won’t blow anything up.

If you do blow something up, give us a call before you scrap the machinery. We offer phone support, field support, and factory repair and reman. We’ll get you back up and running fast.

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