Waste Management in Action Expo


Jernigan’s Law tells us that the shorter the skirts at the trade show, the less new technology will actually be featured. This year, we’re not expecting to see much leg, and trade shows should be interesting.

We’re not planning to attend next week’s Australian Waste Management in Action Expo, but that’s not because they’re not expecting excitement. Rexroth’s systems are being shown off in some new Spoutvac trucks.

This is outside our wheelhouse, but it’s a good reminder of how essential motion control is. Whether you’re thinking about robots for disaster management, printing presses, packaging machinery, the theater, or waste management in action, you have to have motion control systems in place.

We’re seeing plenty of new technology that could be game-changing. 3D printing, which you might know as additive manufacturing, collaborative robots, the Industrial Internet of Things — the face of manufacturing is changing every day.

The place of manufacturing is also changing as the new empowered consumer demands higher levels of customization and responsiveness from retailers and other companies they interact with, and those companies pass along those demands to their manufacturers.

Reshoring manufacturing companies are determined to keep costs down with more versatile facilities with smaller footprints and greater levels of automation.

Throughout all the changes, though, the requirements for robust and reliable motion control continue. Rexroth motion control has been superlative for many years, and we keep replacement units on hand for both legacy and new electric drives, controls, and servo motors. We also offer factory repair and reman — the only service for your legacy Rexroth Indramat units that will give you like-new performance and a warranty.

Add our number to your phone so you have it handy whenever you need it: 479-422-0390. That’s the number to call when you expert Rexroth electric motion control support.

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