Wedding Robots?

Of course you need robots at your factory. Certainly robots are great for warehouses. Construction sites and farms? Increasingly, robots are becoming essential at these workplaces as well. We’re even willing to believe that they can be useful at home.

But weddings still don’t seem like an obvious place for a robot. How romantic is the average robot, after all?

The party robot

We are not talking about an average robot. The TikTok phenomenon in question is a party robot, an 8-foot tall dancing robot.

Oh, and it’s not actually a robot. It’s a human being on stilts, disguised as a robot. They might be outfitted with a CO2 gun, balloons, sparklers, glow sticks, and maybe confetti cannons.

The appeal

At least right now, there’s a certain novelty to this type of entertainment. If all your friends already had their dogs and ring bearers and chocolate fountains, you’ll need something edgier to impress your guests.

This is especially true if you’re planning your wedding more for TikTok than for the actual experience. A dancing giant robot looks better in photos and videos than mere dancing people, right?

Ads for these entertainers also emphasize how they get people feeling excited. They bring a raucous party atmosphere and interact with the guests to keep people out on the floor dancing.

The cost

We read articles suggesting that you could find a wedding party robot for $500, but actual opportunities to book the creatures started at $1200. Nonetheless, TikTok influencers claim that this particular feature is one of the least-regretted investments at weddings.

We’ll be watching for actual robots dancing at weddings. Until then, if you need service or support for your Rexroth industrial motion control, we are the people to call. We are specialists in Rexroth electric motion control systems, with the largest stock in the nation of emergency replacement units. Call now for immediate assistance!

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