What Does “Maintenance Free” Mean for Indramat Servos?

broken-by-daveonflickrYou’ll hear the words “maintenance free” thrown around a lot when talking about Indramat and Rexroth servomotors and servo drives. The idea is that you set it up and let it run forever. Or at least until it breaks.

You can’t do routine maintenance on an Indramat servomotor or servo drive itself—the inside of the servo drive and servomotor can’t be even fixed in the field, much less maintained with regular procedures. The inside of servo drives and servomotors are very delicate and require expertise in how to handle them properly for repairs.

Rexroth and Indramat designed their servo drive systems to work non-stop for as long as they’re required. Some servos have been running for decades without anything more than the occasional scheduled downtime. Indramat servos are workhorses of manufacturing.

But over time, they do break because of outside issues. While you can’t do maintenance on servos, you can do things to keep outside sources from having bad effects on your servos. It’s like getting a case for your iPhone—just a good idea for the inevitable drop.

You should have spare cables on hand because those are subjected to the most abuse when it comes to servos. They move and flex constantly in many situations and can wear out quickly. You’ll also want to keep conditions as clean as possible around your servodrive and motor—and when that’s not possible, be sure you have the right servo for the job.

Eventually, servos just break down but that doesn’t make them a bad investment. It’s typically years and years before servos even hint at having a problem. But when the time comes, you need experts to take care of repairs. Call us and you’ll get expert help with your servo drives and servomotors. Since we’ve gone through so many repairs, we know symptoms of problems and how to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

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