What Language Does Your Motion Control System Use?

A recent study found that just 4% of data teams wanted to use no-code tools. 73% of them, in contrast, would try out a tool that let them use their preferred programming language.

Rexroth was a trailblazer in motion control software that allowed engineers and machine makers to use their preferred programming languages. Their Open Core Engineering initiative and Open Core interface combine power and freedom.

“With the Open Core Interface,” the Rexroth website explains, “Rexroth is providing a software interface that is unique: it permits enhanced access to the control core, offers numerous programming languages and allows the integration of smart devices into automation systems.”

A modular system with a consistent set of software tools makes the entire process more efficient.

Human capital

Integration of IT data tools with the Internet of Things is easier and more practical with Open Core. It allows direct access to control and drive functions using virtually any higher level language from Java to C++. This allows better use of human capital as well.

The ability to use smartphones and tablets with the Open Core interface also improves the system for human workers.

Bosch Rexroth won the 2013 Hermes Award for the Open Core system.

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