What’s Great about Factory Repair?


The picture above shows an attempt by a third party to repair a Rexroth component on the left, and how the component looked when Bosch Rexroth took the parts from the box and repaired it.

It’s obvious that unauthorized third party repairs are risky. But what are the advantages of Rexroth factory repair?

  • Factory trained professional service technicians using proprietary diagnostics, schematics, and software can repair and overhaul all aspects of Rexroth components correctly.
  • Products are repaired to the original specifications, not just to treat the symptoms. A worn circuit card or another issue that will cause trouble down the line will be taken care of — so you don’t face more trouble down the line.
  • Original manufacturer’s parts are used in all repairs. Rexroth doesn’t sell parts to third party repair shops, so you can be sure that you won’t get new original parts for unauthorized repairs.
  • Components are warrantied after repair. Depending on the component and the nature of the repair, you can expect a 1 or 2 year warranty for factory repaired parts. A third-party repair shop may guarantee their work (most don’t) but that just means that they’ll keep trying if they don’t get it right. That’s more down time for you.

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