Where does that Rexroth Repair Inventory Come From?


If you’ve ever had a car serviced at a regular old mechanic, you’ve probably had after-market parts put on that came either from a different manufacturer (other than your car maker) or something worse.

Many mechanics visit junkyards and rip pieces of other cars off to repair your car. Wonder why that fan you had replaced doesn’t sound quite right? It’s possible that the car it was pulled off of was in an accident that caused damage you can’t see immediately and the part was used because it was deemed good.

There are Indramat graveyards out there, full of parts salvaged, auctioned, and traded by many different hands. What kind of lives did these parts lead before they ended up in the part graveyard? You’ll never know. What you will know, though, is when that part fails in an Indramat or Rexroth unit you had repaired by another company.

Other Indramat and Rexroth repair companies use surplus parts they’ve accumulated over the years to do repairs or swaps for parts. What this means is you’re getting a part that’s had a life before and who knows how it was treated in that previous life? Was it maintained and well taken care of? Or was it neglected and part of the reason why the part ended up in the junk pile to begin with? When you’re getting parts repaired outside of the factory, you’re taking a huge gamble on getting parts that will continue to work and not cause further damage.

All of our repairs are done by the factory, meaning the parts are certified to be in factory condition when they’re repaired. Nothing leaves Rexroth without their stamp of approval, meaning you can depend on the reliability of our repairs and the parts used to fix your equipment.

Call us first. Rexroth doesn’t sell parts to third party repair shops. If you want repairs done with authentic Rexroth parts, using authentic specs and work done by authentic trained technicians, then you want factory repair. It’s that simple.

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