Why You Need a Pilot to Handle Your Indramat Issues

Rexroth has been making the best motion control solutions available for about three decades now, and many of their Indramat motors and drives from the 1970s are still around and in use.

One of the reasons for this is quality control. And one of the manifestations of that quality control is the fact that Rexroth doesn’t sell parts to third party repair shops. Their electric motors, especially the  digital ones, aren’t intended to be opened and repaired in the field. In order to get like-new results, you have to go with factory repair.

We have 24 turnaround on most factory repairs. That’s great, but if you add shipping time on both ends, you can have your machinery at a stand still for way too long.

First line of defence: call us at (479) 274-8422, because we keep most models of Rexroth Indramat electric drives and servomotors on the shelf for emergency replacement. We also have charter aircraft on hand, and we’ll hop in our plane and bring your part directly to you. Since we specialize in Indramat products, our engineers know exactly how to solve that problem that has you scratching your head (or banging it against the wall — we’ve seen that, too).

24 Hour Turnaround

Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance

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