Why’d You Choose Third Party Repairs, Again?

Third party repairs, when it comes to Rexroth electric motion control systems, are a major gamble. Third parties can’t buy original parts from the manufacturer and there are no certified Rexroth shops, no matter what you see on some third party repair shops’ websites.

But plenty of local repair shops are willing to take a crack at your Rexroth servo motors and drives.

We get calls from these guys sometimes. They’re looking for the parts and we’re all set to tell them that they can’t have whatever they want.

A call from a third-party repair shop

But a recent call from one of these places was different. They started with, “We have an emergency.”

That’s not different. Most of our calls start that way.

Bob (of Bob’s BBQ ‘n’ Servo Repair Shoppe) went on, though. And what he said next was kind of amazing. “We have a RAC 2.2 drive here that we have in on an emergency from the customer,” Bob explained, “and we need a manual for it to start the repair.”

What does this tell us? It tells us that Bob accepted the drive for emergency repair, presumably claiming that they could do that repair. We know that Bob can’t get the parts, and now we find out that he doesn’t even have a manual.

Bob has actually agreed to do repair work on a sophisticated machine and then Googled how to do it.

Now, Bob probably doesn’t have any emergency units that the customer can use while the part is being repaired (or not). So the customer has no drive. That means the motors aren’t running, and the operators are being paid to stand around and munch on doughnuts while the facility loses thousands of dollars an hour.

A better option

You can see why it’s hard for us to imagine why anyone would choose third party repair. Rexroth supports repairs on current and legacy modules. We can provide emergency replacement units while the factory repairs are completed, and get someone to you on a charter plane if you need something faster than U.S. mail. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to provide 24 hour turnaround and a new warranty for your factory repaired machine.

Why would you even consider going another direction? Call us now for any Rexroth electric motion control needs.

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