Will Consumers Pay for Autonomous Vehicles?

A new study finds that consumers in general aren’t ready to pay for self-driving cars. AlixPartners’ 2019 Global Autonomous Vehicle Report says that just 27% of Americans are confident that autonomous vehicles are safe. They’re willing to pay just 9% more for self-driving features — that’s less than $2,000. Americans are also the least willing nation in the world when it comes to giving up car ownership in favor of robot axis.

With an estimated 60 companies working on self-driving cars, these are not positive numbers. They confirm an earlier J.D. Power poll which found that Americans had a low level of comfort with the idea of either riding in a self-driving car or buying one.

Wired has pointed out that autonomous vehicles aren’t good with weather, and VentureBeat reports that companies can’t even agree on the metrics to be used to judge success in the industry. Keeping up with the technology suggests that self-driving cars may still be far in the future… even if people wanted them.

Autonomous vehicles in industry

Self-driving cars may not be ready for the road, but autonomous vehicles that don’t look like cars have driven millions of miles successfully in warehouse and on loading docks. autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can transport things safely and cost-effectively with AGVs that use sensors, cameras, and radar to navigate.

Amazon alone uses 5,000 of these robots in more than 320 warehouses.They don’t have to deal with traffic, weather, or even human drivers. They just get the job done.

Key to success in industrial settings is the right motion control systems. Rexroth works with companies like BMW on autonomous vehicles. With vehicles and motion control in their DNA, Rexroth is a natural leader in this area.

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