Working with IndraWorks


IndraWorks is a software program for Rexroth servo drives that contains everything you need for setting up and starting modern drives, from engineering to implementation, including integration of drives with third-party applications. If your HMI or PLC are having issues, you might need access to IndraWorks to resolve the issue, depending on the age of your drive. EtherNet/IP and EtherCat are also set up through IndraWorks for drives like the IndraDrive Cs. IndraWorks, however, isn’t exactly user-friendly and doesn’t work with all drives. If you try to use it with the wrong componenets, it’s like trying to use an adapter that doesn’t fit.

Rexroth legacy servo drives were made well before IndraWorks was around and few legacy systems can communicate with IndraWorks—so what can you do when your HMI or PLC go crazy and you can’t communicate with your drive? You could spend time downloading the software and looking for a place to plug in your computer to a drive and come up empty after wasting a lot of time. Instead, call in a specialist. The IndraWorks system is meant to make drive control accessible for many different people throughout the process of creating working systems with Rexroth drives but the truth is that it doesn’t always solve the problem.

If you have a legacy Indramat system, you need someone that knows how to fix it more than you need a software program you don’t understand. Don’t just hook up a computer to a drive hoping that you’ll be able to solve the problem with IndraWorks—instead, call our team and we’ll guide you through a fix or come out and take care of it ourselves. Legacy drives need a specialized approach to understand how to solve their problems since they don’t communicate with modern software the way an Indramat Cs drive can. Since the Indramat Cs is the most recent line of drives, they were designed to work well with IndraWorks. Drives from ancient history, however, just don’t.

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