Ziggy the Robot

Automation frees human workers from the dirty, dull, and dangerous jobs, improving lives and reducing costs for consumers. Sometimes it also solves problems. That’s the case with Ziggy, a new robot that helps with electric vehicles.

Why EVs need help

Electric vehicles have some real advantages. While it can take a long time to recoup the up-front cost, the rising price of gas makes operating costs a strong factor in choosing electric vehicles. The environmental benefits are significant. EV owners even say their new vehicles are quieter and more fun to drive than internal combustion vehicles.

But range is an issue. This is especially true when drivers use the cars’ heaters, since that can cause range to drop by 41%. Surveys show that 30% of EV owners suffer from “range anxiety” — the worry that their car will conk out in the middle of a trip where they won’t have access to a charging station. 60% report that they’ve had problems keeping their vehicles charged.

Recharging is also time-consuming. And that’s if you can find a charging station.

How Ziggy helps

Fortunately, Ziggy is helping to solve this particular set of problems. Ziggy is a mobile charging station. You can call it with an app, and it will head over to a parking space to meet you there. Having secured the space for you, it will charge your vehicle. Then it trundles off to its home base, where it recharges itself to be ready for the next customer.

Ziggy can recharge with solar power, already a plus.

The makers are imagining that large employers, apartment complexes, and shopping centers will invest in a few Ziggy models for their users. Parking structures can offer Ziggy as a service, and even earn a little extra by selling ads on its two large screens.

Rexroth’s parent company, Bosch, makes charging stations. Rexroth makes the best motion control systems on the planet. Maybe a charging robot is in Bosch Rexroth’s future.

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