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Rexroth CSB

csb1We work with plenty of Rexroth legacy technology, but we’re also here to help with current components, like the CSB control section.

Rexroth has been a leader in innovative technology throughout its long history, and the current versions of their electric drive and control tech continue to show that culture of innovation. The newer technology also has strengths in two areas of special interest to modern manufacturers: safety and energy efficiency.

What’s more, Rexroth continues to be a leading voice in Industry 4.0, the Internet of Industrial Things, so the new technologies are created with open source software and a high level of compatibility with other machinery, in addition to an impressive degree of flexibility.

The modern IndraDrive system consists of three different components. The Drive section includes two options: IndraDrive C-which is the HCS family of units that have power coming directly to the drive without a power supply (Compact or Complete units), and  IndraDrive M- which is the HMS family of units that stack with a power supply unit like the HMV01.1R. Whichever you are using, to make a complete drive, you must have a control section (CSB or CSH) and firmware (or operating system(typically MPH** or MPB)).

The CSB control unit is a part of the complete Rexroth IndraDrive system. There are also CSH and CDB control sections. The CSB controller uses MPx firmware; it’s essential that you choose the correct firmware for the control you’re using.

And there’s something about the new drive and control technology that hasn’t changed: Rexroth still doesn’t provide parts for sale to third party repair shops. Factory repair and reman are your best options. Choosing third party repairs voids your warranty, while sending your equipment in for factory repair or reman brings them back to you in like-new condition, with a new warranty.

We can help you minimize downtime and increase efficiency when you need support and service for your IndraDrive components, or any other Rexroth electric industrial motion control units.

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