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Indramat® (now Bosch Rexroth®) has been making the best motion control available for more than 30 years. Some of the drives, motors, and controls they made back in the 20th century are just now needing service or repair.

That means that your engineers have probably done very little troubleshooting for your Indramat® devices. What’s more, Bosch Rexroth® doesn’t sell new factory parts to third party shops.

We spend all our time fixing Indramat® motors, drives, and controls. Often, we can solve your problem over the phone.

If you need field support, we’ll be there fast. We have emergency replacement units on the shelf, and charter aircraft standing by for transport.

Why call (479) 274-8422?

  • We’re Indramat® specialists. Supporting your current and legacy Indramat® technology is all we do.
  • Factory repair is the only way to ensure a like-new result.
  • We have emergency replacement units on hand.
  • 24 hour turn around on most factory repairs gets you up and running fast.
  • Air service gets you back on line really fast.

Call (479) 274-8422 for immediate, expert Indramat® support. 

24 Hour Turnaround

Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance

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