Rexroth Safety Measures


People are pretty stupid sometimes. No matter how many times you warn them, tell them the disastrous repercussions, or post signs like this one to catch attention, they still do things that end up harming themselves or others.

According to the National Safety Council, some 89% of workers ignore safety rules.

We’ve made the point before that it’s easier to change environments than to change people. Fortunately, your Rexroth products take that into account.

Safety on Board

Indramat and Rexroth products come with a number of safety modules in electronic drives called “Safety On Board” that help control the motor in a safe way. The object is to be sure that the machinery won’t cause injury to workers or to other machinery. “Safety On Board” allows an operator to access the working parts of Rexroth machines without having to shut the machine down and without causing damage to the machine or worker.

SafeLogic and SafeMotion

Newer Rexroth machines have more refined safety measures built in. Instead of just shutting down automatically for safety reasons — certainly an important capability — newer devices have multiple safety measures built in.

They offer safe door locking, safe braking and holding, and another dozen distinct safety functions. None depends on the human operator’s following safety rules. Instead, they are automated to protect both the machinery and the workers.

The importance of safety automation

Safety can be a big issue for manufacturers. Major retailers are now beginning to require that their suppliers check safety all the way through their supply chains, so we’ve moved beyond laws and on to economic consequences. Make sure your IndraDrives are installed with the proper safety measures and that they’re working correctly.

Checking safety measures routinely should be part of your operating procedures. Some safety routine is probably required by law in your area. Even if it isn’t, it’s in your best interest to check safety mechanisms and requirements anyway to protect your company and your machinery. We can help you if you find that something’s gone wrong and needs repair or replacement.

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