Indramat Test Video Review

As a fan of Indramat and of movies, I couldn’t resist providing a critique of this, a rare film of an Indramat test.

I don’t know why they’re as rare as they are, films in this genre. Since this one was filmed in Poland, we should not be surprised by the sweeping, almost vertiginous camerawork.

The sound track, to0, is predictably spare. The colorful wires and the surprising details such as the apparent clutch of lightbulbs under the worktable keep us enthralled throughout the film.

The story line is reminiscent of the early Soviet documentaries, but without the darkness. Indeed, the plot of this film is almost triumphant, as it swoops to its successful conclusion.

If there is a complaint to be made, it might be in the lack of character development. Though the film contains all the stock characters, we never really feel that we get to know them as well as we’d like.

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