The Scariest Movie Robots

In real life, robots aren’t all that scary. Follow basic safety rules (not that most of us do) and you can coexist with your servos and robots just fine.

In the movies, it’s different. In honor of Halloween, we present some seriously scary robots:

1. Ash from Alien

2. The Drone Sphere from Phantasm

3. The Hunter-Killers from Terminator

4. The insect robots from Runaway

5. Hector from Saturn 3

6. HAL-9000 from 2001: A Space Odyessey

7. Maximilian from The Black Hole

8. The Gunslinger in WestWorld

9. Sentinals from The Matrix

10. David from AI: Artificial Intelligence

At a recent conference on automation, speakers opined that we should get away from using work like “robot” and “machine,” in order “to lessen the spooky sci-fi association with this industry.” We can review the spooky sci-fi just for Halloween.

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