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Posted on 8, October 2018

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We get calls about once a week from third party repair houses trying to get parts or technical information.  We have to explain to them that Rexroth’s internal components are not available for sale and schematics are proprietary. Since the answer has been the same for the past 25 years, it would appear that the turnover in these places must be pretty fierce. Often, the call comes from a tech who has never worked on an Indramat drive before, but now has one on his bench with instructions to “Fix It NOW.” No parts, no guidance on how.

Just what you want for your mission critical component.

We got a call yesterday from an outfit we will call “Bob’s B-B-Q and Servo Drive Repair.” They had a Diax02 drive with a firmware problem, and wanted to get a firmware module to try to solve it. The firmware modules are saleable parts, so it’s ok so far. Then we get to the question of “What firmware?”

They can’t answer the question, but with some head scratching they come up with ASE-01, firmware that for this drive is a bit questionable. Then they want to know if they can substitute ASE-04, a firmware for a completely different series of drive (Ecodrive type 1). Or ASE-03, firmware for yet another drive.

At this point, we are just listening in awe. Not so much that the firmware will not work on the drive, but they are talking about firmware that wouldn’t even FIT on the drive.

The next question is, “What would be the problem changing to a completely different type of firmware?”

The lack of knowledge in this question is ASTOUNDING, like asking if you can run a 480/3 phase motor on DC voltage, or if you can reverse fire.

This is what is likely to happen when you go the third party route.

Wouldn’t you really rather get the drive repaired properly, with a 1 or 2 year factory warranty, using new components? You’ll receive your drive back in like-new condition, with a new warranty.

On the other hand, you do get fries with that from Bob’s B-B-Q and Servo Drive Repair.