Where’s Your Servo?

Okay, you know where your particular servo is, but the truth is that servos are showing up in surprising places, including film studios.

The company discussed in this video is German film studio The Marmalade.

You know those commercials you see with a splash of beer spilling in golden loveliness into a crystalline glass? You feel as though time is suspended as the droplets flash and play on the screen. It’s enthralling, even when it’s just about beer or something like that. See some great examples at The Marmalade’s website.

And it’s all made possible by a robot arm they fondly call “Spike.” Before Spike, the camera had to be locked into place during high-speed filming, the creative technique that gives you those gorgeous images. With Spike, the camera can move. What’s more, it can move in precise repeated patterns that let the filmmakers get exactly the results they want, even though they don’t personally have the physical capacity.

When people get negative about automation, we think of all the things we can now do that we couldn’t do before, just because we have motion control and servos. Automation doesn’t limit our humanity — it extends it. It frees us to bring our ideas to reality.

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