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Coordinated Motion Control

Coordinated motion control is good motion control, right? It’s essential that all the parts of your industrial motion control set up be coordinated in service of your motion control goal. We recently read a strong recommendation to specify your industrial motion control set up with parts from a single manufacturer. Communication One of the reasons… Read more »

Bosch Rexroth Opens a New Plant in Mexico

Querétaro, Mexico

Bosch Rexroth, a global leader in motion and control technologies, has announced the opening of its new plant in Querétaro, Mexico. The new plant will help the company to better serve its customers in Mexico and Latin America, but is primarily expected to ship to the United States and Canada. Bosch Rexroth currently has about… Read more »

Medical Packaging Automation

Indramat servo motors are commonly used in the packaging industry, including medical packaging. There is a sense, however, that medical packaging — whether for medical devices or for pharmaceuticals — is falling behind when it comes to automation. Medical packaging automation may feel like a special case. There are good reasons for medical manufacturing to… Read more »

The Queen’s Mark

Rexroth drive and control systems are known for their perfect combination of precision and power, so they are widely used in many industries, from space travel to agriculture. One of the fields where we have a lot of clients is in printing, the quintessential example of a need for both precision and power. As newspapers… Read more »

Delivery Bots

Robots are basic to manufacturing and printing. Where else will they turn up? That’s still open to discussion. Recent advances have shown possibilities for robots in agriculture, restaurant cooking and serving, warehouses, and healthcare, among other industries. But one of the most promising areas for robots is delivery. Autonomous vehicles, mostly intended for sidewalk use,… Read more »

Chocolate Robots?

We’re Rexroth specialists, and we know that Rexroth makes some of the best motion control on the planet. With the winning combination of precision and power, Rexroth drive and control systems make your robots function perfectly. Rexroth may empower the best performing robots, but do they make the best tasting robots? Probably not since, pastry… Read more »

Workplace Violence and Automation

Workplace violence is a real problem in the United States: some two million episodes of workplace violence take place each year. Now, homicide is the second most common cause of death in the workplace. A 1995 report on workplace violence listed automation as one of the causes of these episodes. On the other hand, security… Read more »

Keeping Your Aging Workforce Healthy

Manufacturing is facing a labor shortage, in common with many other fields. But manufacturing is also facing an aging workforce population. The average machinist in America right now is in his mid-fifties. As your workers get older, how can you avoid injuries and help them stay healthy? Personal responsibility A lot of the difference between… Read more »

Are Robots Reducing American Productivity?

American workers have generally stood out for their productivity. This year, however, saw the biggest decline in productivity since 1947. Worker productivity measures output divided by the number of hours worked. If you make 1,000 widgets in 10 work hours in the first quarter and then make 1,200 widgets in 10 work hours in the… Read more »

Factory Fans

Some people work in factories. Some people have never been inside a factory. And some people are fascinated by factories. There are travel and tourism companies that specialize in factory tours, and travel websites identify the best factory tours. Many companies have their own museums, and thousands of people visit them every year. What’s the… Read more »