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Safety on the Night Shift

Shift work is hard on human beings. Working nights is associated with shorter lifespans, with increased incidence of heart disease and certain cancers, as well as industrial accidents caused by fatigue. We know that night shifts have health and safety consequences, but 15 million Americans work evening or night shifts. An additional 3% work rotating… Read more »

Updating Printing Press Servos

Printing technology has come a long way since the days of this photo. One of the biggest changes in the printing world was the shaftless drive. With shaftless drives, much established printing technology went out the window and new technology was put in place. The last big innovation in printing, however, happened in 1994 with… Read more »

Robots Doing the Hiring

Many companies now use AI for hiring. Often, software does the first sort of applications, eliminating those that don’t have the necessary credentials or highlighting the ones that are like successful hires from the past. Machine learning is often a part of the process, with algorithms using past hires to find the characteristics that most… Read more »

Medical Robots

Robotics-assisted surgery is now mainstream in modern hospitals, with the Da Vinci platform in use around the world. The Da Vinci system isn’t robotic surgery, though. It can’t be programmed, it can’t make decisions, and the surgeon is still at work throughout the operation. The Da Vinci system allows a surgeon to work comfortably at… Read more »

Manufacturing Supports Equality

Manufacturing currently accounts for just about 10% of the jobs in the United States. In 1910, 32% of jobs apart from agriculture were in manufacturing. Would it be better for Americans if more of our labor force was in manufacturing? McKinsey & Co. claims that increasing manufacturing jobs would help with the problem of inequality…. Read more »

Rexroth Shakes It Up

Earthquakes can’t really be predicted. There’s no option to batten down the hatches or even to lay in a good supply of milk and toilet paper when a big one is on its way. There are areas where earthquakes are more frequent and therefore more likely to take place, however, and it makes sense if… Read more »

Manufacturing Wages

Employers are finding it hard to get workers, and raising wages is one way they’re coping. A movement to raise the minimum wage, rising inflation, and a desire to get people who stopped working during the pandemic back to work have all combined to encourage employers to raise wages. Manufacturing has long been one of… Read more »

The First Servomechanism

James Watt, as we probably all know, was the first person to invent a servomechanism. A servo is of course a system that uses automatic feedback to regulate aspects of the system. While Indramat was a pioneering participant in motion control in the 20th century, the first servo was James Watt’s steam engine. The Newcomen… Read more »

The S1 Button

You see “PL” on your Rexroth drive and you remember that there’s a solution for that: the S1 button. It will get rid of the error message, clear the fault, reset, and give you a fresh start — right? What the S1 button does The S1 button on the drive controller will erase all the… Read more »

Bosch Rexroth and The Car Industry

Next time you’re driving in your car, remind yourself that without consumer demand for better and safer cars, companies like Bosch Rexroth wouldn’t exist and manufacturing would be years behind where it is now. Car manufacturing has been a huge proponent for manufacturing innovation because of the heavy demands of the industry on manufacturing technology…. Read more »