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Rexroth Indramat Error Code F226

Industrial motion control, including servo motors and drives, are set up to stop if continuing to work would be dangerous to the machinery or to the people operating it. Fortunately, Rexroth Indramat drives don’t just stop and leave you wondering what’s going on. They communicate with you, sharing their inmost thoughts, or at least the… Read more »

IndraDrive C Warnings

Error codes may not improve your day when they show up on your Rexroth drive, but there is a silver lining with IndraDrive C Warnings; they let you know what’s wrong with your motion control system. Instead of cursing and kicking your drive (you wouldn’t do that, would you?), you can check the error code… Read more »

Servo Slave and Master?

J. J. L. Farcot coined the term “servomoteur” in 1868 in his book Le Servo-Moteur ou Moteur Asservi.  “Asservi” is the French word for “enslaved,” so it was no surprise that English speakers used the phrase “slave motor” along with “servo motor.” The servo motor replicated the movements of a controller. It still does. It may… Read more »

Bearings, Lubrication, and Your Rexroth 2AD Motor

Rexroth main spindle motors, including your Rexroth 2AD motor, are equipped with lifetime lubricated deep groove ball and cylindrical roller bearings. The mechanical service life of these bearings is 20,000 working hours; that’s just about seven years if we assume that your machinery works eight hours a day. What if you run your system 24… Read more »

Life 3.0

Roomba, Nest, Alexa, and Bosch’s Mykie may lead some of us to imagine a future in which robots serve us, care for us, and amuse us as we enjoy all the leisure we get when robots take our jobs. But many people are thinking of a future in which robots take our jobs and leave… Read more »

Rexroth Error Code F226

Rexroth servo motors, drives, and controls are remarkably self-sufficient. They don’t need to be oiled or cleaned (though the legacy components that live in cabinets have to be kept in their cabinets so they stay clean) or given a rest or updated or adjusted. They do need electricity, though. You could think of it as… Read more »

Robot Voices

The first robotic voice generator was the Voder. It was more like a musical instrument than an automated voice, though — the operator could change the pitch of the voice, add vibrato, and even make it sing. The Voder was the basis of human ideas about robot voices for many years, if we judge by… Read more »

“Stop the Presses!” and Your Servos

Long ago, before online news sources and social media, a remarkable event could lead to someone running into the press room and shouting, “Stop the presses!”. The idea would be to stop your printing press, update the news stories, and then start printing again with the correct and current information. The famous press error “Dewey Defeats… Read more »

F276 “What do you mean, it moved?”

F276 is a movement error on units that have absolute encoders. The short story is that the drive stores the position of the motor as it shuts down, and then compares it to the position of the motor when it starts up. If the value difference is larger than the value in P-0-0097, it throws… Read more »

Why Didn’t AI Save Us from Coronavirus?

The  coronavirus pandemic is bringing out all kinds of low tech solutions. Homemade fabric masks are the strongest line of defense and stickers on the floor guide social distancing. Robots have been lauded as practical solutions for overstretched healthcare staff, but so far all they have done is to fetch and carry things. Not cutting… Read more »