Bosch Rexroth Wins More Awards for Electric Motion Control

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Bosch Rexroth has picked up some more awards for game-changing electric industrial motion control.

IndraMotion MTX Micro, an outgrowth of the legacy Indramat technology that is still reflected in the name “Indradrive,” won the Engineers’ Choice Award. Control Engineering magazine gives these awards, and the MTX Micro was their top choice in the Machine & Embedded Control category.

The readers who test and judge the nominees for these annual awards are automation pros who work with this type of machinery daily and/or have primary responsibility for purchases in this area. The MTX Micro has a robust library of programming tools and is fast and easy to implement.

IndraDrive Mi cabinet-free supply and mains module won a Golden Mousetrap Award for the category Automation & Control: Drives. Design News magazine awards their Golden Moustraps for innovative design — in this case, cabinet-free and modular design increase efficiency and decrease footprint. That means greater flexibility and efficiency for machine configurations using the Mi.

Rexroth has long been an innovator and this is their fifth Golden Mousetrap. An earlier awardee was the IndraLogic XLC.

Winning prizes may not say as much for the company as their impressive legacy of fine industrial motion control devices, but it does reflect Rexroth’s continuing commitment to the best possible industrial motion control. Accuracy, precision, support, and innovation are the cornerstone’s of Rexroth’s success.

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