Bosch Rexroth Expanding Industry 4.0 Leadership

Rexroth has been at the forefront of Industry 4.0 thought leadership since the concept was first developed. Now, parent company Bosch and the Bosch Rexroth partnership are expanding that leadership with Industry 4.0 training worldwide.

Bosch Rexroth has more than 100 training modules and 360 lessons relating to Industry 4.0 concept and skills. Certification as an Industry 4.0 specialist is available in Chambers of Commerce and other locations across Germany. Bosch Rexroth training academies are bringing these training materials to other nations around the world, from Malaysia to Peru — or online.

The company its also developing hands-on training equipment, “industry 4.0 mini-factories” that present robot programming, augmented reality, app technology, RFID, and manufacturing execution systems.

On-site training

Rexroth also offers on-site Industry 4.0 training for facilities wanting support in their transformations. The Industry 4.0 team will analyze the workflow and translate it into an Industry 4.0 model.

They develop use cases and projects that provide a road map to bring the facility from its current state to a full Industry 4.0 integration. Working from the level of Industry 4.0 maturity already in place, whatever that might be, the plan will bring your facility into a fully connected state.

This provides a solution to the skills gap which can prevent factories from moving forward.

Your current machinery

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