Cabinet-Free Servo Systems: How and Why?

Experts in industrial automation agree: getting servo drives out of the cabinet is important.

What’s wrong with cabinets?

Servo drives are kept in cabinets for protection. Avoiding overheating and damage from dirt extends the life of your servo system and keeps your system from malfunctioning.

The controlled environment of a cooled cabinet provides a high level of safety and makes sure that environmental issues don’t affect performance. Rexroth electric drives often continue to perform well for decades in the safety of their cabinets.

But cabinets increase the footprint and limit the versatility of your servo system. As consumers and brands and even retailers continue to demand high levels of customization and personalization, product runs get smaller and the need for frequent reconfiguration of the line increases.

The last thing you need is a bulky cabinet. Instead, you want to be able to shrink the footprint of your machinery and change configurations to meet new needs.

How can you get rid of cabinets?

Here’s what you can’t do: take your legacy drive out of its cabinet. We’ve see this, along with drives kept in nonfunctioning cabinets with a little fan blowing in through the door. There’s no faster way to destroy your drive.

You can choose a cabinet-free module, such as the Indradrive Mi. This integrated control and servo motor system uses less space but still provides the power and precision Rexroth is known for. This is essentially an IndraDrive control system integrated with the MSK motor.

Machinery that’s designed to operate outside of a cabinet doesn’t need a cabinet. Earlier drives still require a cabinet. So don’t hear, “Rexroth drives are now cabinet-free” and decide that something about your Rexroth legacy drives has changed. You’ll be calling us for repairs much sooner than you expect.

If you’re ready to upgrade, though, consider the Indradrive Mi for the smallest footprint and greatest flexibility with no loss in power or precision.

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