China Takes a Building for a Robotic Walk

A historic building in Shanghai walked to a new home with 200 robotic legs. The walk of about 200 feet took 18 days. The building weighs about 7,600 tons, and is too complex in shape to be driven to its new home on a flatbed. Thus, the walk.

Strictly speaking, since the legs had wheels, the building might have been skating rather than walking.

The building was built in 1935 and was in use as a school until 2018. Now it will be completely renovated and used as a cultural center.

Rexroth was not involved

Surprisingly, Rexroth was not involved in this engineering feat. Usually when an amazing engineering accomplishment takes place, from the Panama Canal to the Eiffel Tower, Rexroth has had a hand in it. Even in China, Rexroth is the industry leader for motion control.

Rexroth was not responsible for the school’s stroll to its new home.

But you probably have Rexroth drive and control solutions in your workplace. Rexroth has been making the best motion control on the planet for just about as long as anyone has been making motion control, and almost every manufacturing facility has at least one Rexroth component on the floor.

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