Rexroth Helps to Build the World’s Largest Piling Barge

Rexroth’s amazing feats of engineering read like a list of the entire world’s top feats of engineering. Rexroth provided motion control for the Panama Canal, the Eiffel Tower, the canals of Venice, and much more. The latest jaw-dropping accomplishment? Helping the government of China to build the world’s largest piling barge.

China has a large and growing population — 1,433,783,686 people, by the most recent estimates — and energy use is on the rise as people become accustomed to more lavish lifestyles. In 2018, the country’s energy consumption hit a five year record with a 3.3% increase over the previous year. Energy use in 2019 is expected to increase by more than 5% over 2018.

China is investing in renewable energy sources such as wind power, but they’re running out of places to build wind farms. A piling barge allows access to parts of the sea floor that haven’t previously been available.

Rexroth is building a special cylinder to work with the derrick on the 426-foot barge. The cylinder will make it possible for the derrick to move smoothly, with maximum stability. It’s the kind of rare marriage of power and stability that makes Rexroth stand out.

A spokesman for Bosch Rexroth modestly mentioned that this is not the largest cylinder they’ve ever built, but it is the heaviest, at 146 tons.

The cylinder will be exposed to harsh conditions for a long time, and Rexroth put a lot of thought into how the various materials and coatings could best work together to protect the cylinder.


If you’re not actually in the market for a giant piling barge, this information might seem tone of abstract interest. In fact, it’s further evidence of the value of Rexroth motion control systems. Whether it’s a major milestone in engineering or a servo running your pick’n’pack machine, you will benefit from the precision and power of Rexroth motion control systems and components.

Your work is as important to you as the Bolshoi Ballet’s stage is to them.

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