Connected Engineering


The rise of the internet has changed a lot of things. We all walk around with computers in our pockets and expect instant  connection, instant response, and instant action. Many of us expect a level of service kings and queens wouldn’t have counted on in the past, and we want it in seconds, if not nanoseconds.

The internet hasn’t really changed the physical world, though. People want physical objects to be customized, creative, and available for same-day delivery. Yet the time involved in creating, producing, and shipping hasn’t actually changed much.

The result is a lot of pressure from opposing forces: a demand for innovation and customization plus super-fast turnaround.

One way to move toward success with this challenge is connected engineering: using the new technology available for communication to make up for the lack of new technology that makes packages travel in the twinkling of an eye.

If prototypes can be printed out with 3-D printing or simulated very well with graphic software, the time to go from design to prototype can be much shorter. Sales people can present digital prototypes instead of carrying (and waiting for) samples. Changes and decisions can get from the C suite to the factory floor faster. Clear information about problems, tweaks, and needed adjustments can reach production in seconds, not days.

Often the first thing we think of is trying to speed up the machinery. Yet, if we look very closely at the supply chain, we find that human actions and transportation account for many of the hours (days? weeks?) in the chain.

Speeding up the communication and transportation can make a difference — without the downsides of upgrading machinery.

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