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A recent comment in a forum caught our attention. The writer had trouble with an MKD040 servo. “The electrician on hand wasn’t much help and started in about losing the parameters if I took it apart,” he complained. “I don’t understand the mentality of people sometimes; the motor is junk as it stands. The only thing I will do is to make it junkier or fix it until to run until we get a new one.”

Sometimes we start in about losing the parameters, and we understand how irritating that is. In fact, the only thing more irritating is when you actually lose the parameters because you couldn’t resist taking it apart.

I can’t make it any worse

It’s hard to resist taking something apart. Especially if you’re good at fixing stuff. And especially if you don’t have a current warranty. You figure it’s already not working right, so why not mess around with it a little?

Here’s something you might not know. If you send your legacy components in for factory repair, they will come back to you with a new warranty.

Unless you made the mistake of messing around with it. Third-party repairs, or use of non-Rexroth parts in a repair, will void your warranty. We’ve seen attempts at repair, either by the owner or by the guy he called at Bob’s Bait and Servo Repair, mess a unit up so thoroughly that it could not be repaired at all. It’s heartbreaking to be told that your servo is scrap when it was okay a couple of days ago.

Before you took it apart.

The sad truth is, you can make it worse.

A temporary fix

The writer in the forum didn’t expect to rebuild the servo correctly. He just wanted to fix it temporarily while he got ready for factory repair.

We understand that. A little temporary patch to keep things going sounds like a big help. Downtime is the costliest part of a repair, and it’s natural to want to stave it off as long as possible. But you know there’s going to be downtime while your Rexroth unit is repaired. Rexroth drive and control units are not designed to be repaired on the machine, in the field.

Fortunately, we have the nation’s biggest stock of Rexroth emergency replacement units. We can have a new unit in your hands fast — usually within 24 hours. You won’t have to wait until your unit is repaired. And you won’t have to jury rig something and hope you won’t make it worse.

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