Do You Have an Indramat Manual?

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You’re at work going about your normal routines when suddenly one of your Indramat or Rexroth machines is doing something strange. It has a message on the PLC control screen but it doesn’t make much sense. All it says is a letter followed by some random numbers. You look around for your Indramat manual, but it has been decades since that machine gave you any trouble, and nobody knows where the manual is. You’re left with those random numbers.

Truth is, these numbers aren’t so random. They’re error codes for the servomotor and servo drive system telling you that something has gone wrong. But if you can’t make sense of the codes, you have no idea what your servo system is trying to tell you. Who do you call? What do you do? Those numbers are a code — not clear directions for solving the problem, but information that only makes sense if you have the key to to the code.

Ask Indramat?

You won’t find contact information for Indramat. Indramat was acquired by Rexroth and went out of business at the turn of the century. Finding the key to the code on a machine labeled “Indramat” or “Rexroth Indramat” can be difficult.

These are legacy machines. Indramat isn’t around any more, and Rexroth is not producing manuals for Indramat machinery.

Fortunately, we can help—request an Indramat manual and we’ll send one your way.

The manual will tell you what the codes mean. You’ll find a list of possible causes for the error code and instructions for resolving the problem. Our mission is to provide the best service possible and sometimes that means just providing information when it’s needed.

We hope that if you do request a manual, you’ll keep us in mind if you need more than just information. We specialize in repair and REMAN for Indramat or Rexroth motion control. You might be able to find your solution in the manual we send to you. Maybe not — maybe the solution is a new drive or servo. If you need factory repair or REMAN, we can make it easy. Chances are good that we’re the missing piece of the puzzle.

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Kevin Dodge

need a parameter list and fault list to find out why it stalls for a half a second or so then continues. its a hc s02 ,1e woo-28-a-03

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