Downtime and IoT

Downtime is always a problem in a factory setting. Having your human workforce stand around being paid while hundreds or thousands of products don’t get made on time is costly and frustrating. In today’s JIT environments, the cost of downtime is unacceptable.

Cost of downtime

How unacceptable? $21,800,000 a year on average. That’s $16,000,000 a year for enterprise-level companies, with the remainder of the $21,800,000 affecting smaller businesses. For an individual company, extended downtime can be extremely threatening. Any delay can reverberate along the supply chain.

Add IoT and downtime goes beyond expensive. Downtime can spread from one system to another, data can be lost, and downtime in one system can mean malfunctions in another. It can take a long time to recover.

On the other hand, IoT connections allow predictive maintenance, and can ultimately reduce or even eliminate downtime. Measuring temperature, vibration, and other environmental factors can provide information that will help manufacturers foresee issues. Tracking performance across facilities can let you identify parts that need replacing before they break. Patterns of performance allow your company to identify the modules or parts needed in time to make sure they are in stock and available.

Rexroth reduces downtime

Rexroth electric motion control has always been concerned focused on reducing downtime. Rexroth components are designed so that they are not repaired on the machine. Instead, the modular design allows you to pull and replace the faulty component quickly, and continue producing.

The Personality Modules system allows legacy components to be replaced and configured according to the correct parameters very quickly.

We have the largest stock of Rexroth electric industrial motion control emergency replacement units in the nation. With charter plane service, we can have your replacement module on your machine and your factory up and running at blazing speed. Then your faulty component will receive factory repair or reman so you’ll get a like-new component.

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