Drunken Robots?

We’ve complained before about Boston Dynamics ads. They give people unrealistic ideas about robot functionality, we’ve pointed out. They make it seem as though robots can dance the way human beings do, rather than just demonstrating impressive programming skills and great videography. They encourage anthropomorphization of robots, which is already kind of a problem for human beings.

But we can take a joke. And the newest commercial is just that. Boston Dynamics got together with Samuel Adams to create a Super Bowl commercial with drunken robots.

Robots can’t really get drunk. With no central nervous system, they are impervious to alcohol. They also don’t have cousins, as “Your cousin from Boston” implies. They don’t actually dance, as we’ve pointed out before, even though they can be programmed and filmed to move as though they are dancing, and they don’t celebrate even on Super Bowl Sunday.

But the commercial is just good clean fun, so we say enjoy it.

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