Ecodrive03 and DKC Drives


Indramat Ecodrive03 models are perfect for using machine tools, printing, paper processing, packaging, and handling applications. But did you know there are eight different units of Ecodrive03 DKC drives, with three firmware variants, different interface options, and three different versions? That gives you a wide range of capabilities with one family of drives but each works using different systems. Ecodrives are also known as DKC drives but are all part of the same drive family.

Ecodrive03 units are compatible with MKD, 2AD, 1MB, MKE, MBS, MHD, ADF, MBW, LAR, LSF, and LAF  motors so you can choose a synchronous or asynchronous motor, depending on your needs. That makes Ecodrive03 Indramat drives very versatile: multiple different operations systems that can be used with the eight different units, firmware variants, and different motors work out to a lot of options. But that can also mean fixing them is pretty complex if something in the programming is wrong.

Ecodrive error codes

Rexroth’s error codes for the Ecodrive03 are similar to other error codes in Rexroth drives where E and F mean different things. However there are also C and D codes for Ecodrives as well as A codes. C and D error codes are actually command diagnostic codes that tell you something is wrong with the data that’s being fed back to the drive rather than alerting you to a failure issue inside of the drive, like overheating. A codes are for status diagnostic errors and are similar to C and D codes and typically have to do with encoder issues.

If you have an error code on your Ecodrive03 and you can’t figure out what’s wrong, give us a call and we’ll troubleshoot the problem with you over the phone. If we can’t fix the problem on the phone, we’ll be happy to arrange factory repair or reman. Either way, we’ll get you back up and running fast.

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