Indramat Error Codes: What Do E and F Mean?


Error codes or fault codes in an Indramat or Rexroth drive start with different sets of letters. For instance, there’s F218, F219, and F220. But there’s also E250, E251, and E252. What’s the difference between the E and F groups?

Think of the error codes that start with the letter F as standing for failure. These are the types of codes that occur when your Indramat or Rexroth drive has shut down and stopped operating.

E codes, on the other hand, are Indramat Warning Codes, meaning a failure is about to occur unless something is fixed.

All of the codes we listed above have to do with overheating. F218 and E250 are for the heatsink, F219 and E251 are for the motor, and F220 and E252 are for the bleeder. Each one of these sets of warnings is caused by temperature gauges being tripped or nearly tripped.  They all tell the operator that unless the drive shuts down and gets fixed, it can cause serious damage.

Shutting down

For all of the F codes listed here, the drive automatically shuts down to protect itself. However, if you catch the E error code quickly enough, you can resolve the problem before the Indramat or Rexroth drive has to escalate to an F code and shut itself down automatically.

How do you prevent these codes? Routine maintenance and climate control. Check the position of the motor to make sure it hasn’t been moved over time and clean out any dust or debris from your Rexroth drives and motors.

What if you need help with one of those error codes? Call us immediately for immediate assistance. Factory repair or reman will bring your Rexroth components back to you in like-new condition — or even better. Factory reman replaces all wearing parts in your unit, reseals it, and gives it a new coating.

When there has been a technical improvement in your component since you bought it, the newest parts will be used. This makes your unit better than when it was new.

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