Finding the Right Rexroth Model

Ford started with the Model A, but Rexroth has much longer model names. The MKD motor shown above, for example, is the MKD071B-061-KPO-KN.

Model numbers are important when you need to replace a Rexroth component. Each individual letter and digit has a specific meaning. Rexroth models come in many different variations, each one identifiable by its lengthy model number.

This particular one has a keyway, but no holding brake. If you need a holding brake, ordering this item won’t meet your needs.

So, when you set out to order a replacement MKD motor to take the place of a faulty motor, how can you be sure you’re getting the right one?

Check the label to find the model number

Fortunately, the model number is on a permanent label on every Rexroth component. This photo shows where to look for a label on a motor. On a different component, you may need to search, but you will find a metal label that looks very much like this one.

Copy down the model number, or take a snap of it with your phone, and give us a call. We will probably have a replacement in stock. We have the largest inventory of replacement units in the nation.

Wait — do you need a replacement?

We know a lot of folks jump right to replacement when they see an error code, but often a factory repair or reman will do the trick.

Units sent in for factory repair come back just like new, with a new warranty and everything. Reman, short for remanufacturing, goes even further. All wearing parts are replaced and the warranty usually covers two years.

Unlike third party repair shops, factory repair and reman are done by expert technicians with original parts. In cases where the technology has changed since you bought your component, you will receive the newest parts at no extra cost. This can be a real solution.

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Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

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