Getting to Know the Indramat RAC Drives

Often the first contact we have from new customers takes place when they open a cabinet — a cabinet housing some piece of machinery which has never given them problems before — and see the word “Indramat.”

“I called you,” they will explain, “because the broken thing is labeled Indramat.”

If you’ve got an Indramat RAC giving you trouble, you need a specialist. Also possibly a crane.

Rexroth Indramat RAC drives

The Rexroth (Indramat) RAC drives were designed for high power, high stiffness applications. They use the 2AD series motors or the 1MB frameless motors. There are a lot of variations, with differences in the feedback loop.

The RAC drive is a legacy drive, comparable to the current HMV-R drive. The new IndraDrive and IndraControl options have more memory and will work with Windows operating systems.

Frankly, if you aren’t planning to store lots of high resolution graphics or play games on them, neither of those things matters much.

Don’t replace — retrofit

RAC units are no longer available new, and many of them are long past their expected life span. Like so many Rexroth components, RAC units often keep working perfectly for a decade or more beyond that anticipated lifespan. At some point, however, they will break.

You might actually want to step in ahead of time and avoid that moment when they break and your workforce has to sit around waiting for a fix.

RAC units are eligible for factory retrofit. That means that there are standard retrofit packages available for most of them. If you have something highly customized, you can still get a customized solution. But a retrofit package will make the solution to your problem (or the problem you want avoid) more affordable than you would expect.

And definitely more affordable than upgrading if you really don’t need to.

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