Got Manuals?


For some industries, the insane push to manufacture and ship everything for fourth quarter is past, and it’s time to clean up the debris and breathe a little. For others, it’s time to ramp up production to feed the consumer demand that reaches its peak over the next few weeks.

Either way, it would be good to have a manual.

Your machine may be sending you messages, after all. “Hey,” it could be saying, “I’m getting overheated here.” Unfortunately, it says these things with error codes rather than English. You need either to know what the error code means or to have a manual that tells you.

A lot of the Rexroth legacy motion control that we work with has been working steadily for decades. The engineers who have to try to troubleshoot these babies may not have been born when the unit was installed.

You can’t expect to have all the error codes memorized under those circumstances. And realistically, you also might not have a manual to look those codes up in. There was a manual once, back in the distant past. It was on Sherry’s bookshelf, but then when Sherry retired, it got moved to the supply room, which used to be on the fourth floor of the office building, but now it’s on a different floor entirely, and somehow the manual didn’t make it into the new supply room, plus nobody who works there even remembers that it was in the supply room. Jerry thinks it was in the bathroom next to the cafeteria at one time, but he’s not sure.

Looking for that manual is not a good use of your time. Instead, request a manual from us. Then give us a call if you need to. We can help you figure out what to do next.

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