Green Automation

Automation is green for quite a few reasons. We’ve written before that automation means less waste, which is always better for the environment. Automated systems can also run cleaner and use less energy than comparable manual systems.

But the past couple of years have seen a rise in environmental awareness in tandem with a rise in automation that reminds us that increasing productivity itself can be green.

Machines that must be manually operated can work for fewer hours than those that are more fully automated. Therefore, the same amount of work can be performed with fewer machines when the machines are automated.

That means that fewer raw materials and resources will be used.

No rush to obsolescence

We have another suggestion to keep your automation green. Don’t be in a hurry to upgrade or replace your automation systems.

We specialize in Rexroth drive and control systems. Rexroth drives, controls, and servos operate for decades. And then, when they finally need service, they can be repaired or remanufactured at the factory and continue for another decade. Keeping those components out of landfills is a green choice.

A factory repair or reman brings your drive, control, or servo back to you as good as new, or even better, since the newest parts will be used. If there has been an advance in technology since your component was made, it will be upgraded when it is returned to you.

In a reman, all wearing parts are replaced and the housing of motors will be relaquered. The remanufactured component can be returned to your machine without reconfiguration.

You will also receive a new warranty, for as much as 60 months. You can have confidence in the repair and get your facility back up and running fast. You get the good feeling of knowing you’;ve done the environmentally responsible thing, too.

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