IndraDrive Safety Codes


Rexroth acquired Indramat, a pioneering company in motion control, in 1965. Rexroth was already important in hydraulics by then, and adding the electric motion control expertise of Indramat to the hydraulic chops of Rexroth made the company a force to be reckoned with.

Rexroth later stopped using the Indramat name, but called their new electric motion control systems IndraDrive, a tip of the hat to the history of their electric division.

Indradrive error codes

Indramat machinery uses 4 digit error codes, but Indradrive units have 5 digit error codes, allowing a lot more scope.

Some error codes are essentially the same with the addition of an extra digit: F8022 and F822 are both feedback cable issues. But there is an entirely new class of error codes: the E3xxx series, all of which relate to Safety Technology add-ons to the drives.

Safety measures are one of the areas of striking recent technological change in the realm of motion control. The new safety codes can signal wiring errors, overheating, implausible position parameters, and more. Some can be corrected and cleared in the field and some may require factory repair.

Having all safety tech warnings in the same class is itself a safety precaution. When you see E3, no matter which digits follow that introduction, you can prioritize it appropriately, because you know that there is a safety issue for human life involved.

Given our experience, we would say that this should alert you NOT to try out your local Bait & Servo Repair Shoppe before giving us a call. Third party repairs are never your best option. They usually cost you time and money — and both time and money are basically money when you’re talking about your motion control systems.

But in the case of E3xxx errors, you have something even more important in play: human safety and wellbeing. The cost of taking a chance on third party repairs can be much higher than usual.

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