Indramat E206 Code


A lot of people call us confused about Indramat batteries. These babies don’t run on batteries, right? So what does the error message “E206 Battery is low: Replace it soon” mean? You’ll see this error message if you have a CLC card as part of your drive system because these card servo drives have onboard batteries in them.

What batteries?

CLC-Indramat cards have 3-volt button style batteries. CLC-D and CLC-P Indramat cards have batteries with the model number CR2477N and CLC-V Indramat cards have model number CR2032. These are the same batteries you might use in things like small lights, remotes, car keys, or even singing greeting cards. You should keep a few of these on hand if you have CLC control drives.

Why? CLC stores information about the parameters of the actions they need to control. When they lose power, the use that battery backup to keep the information available. When the power goes out or you have scheduled downtime, the CLC cards rely on those batteries to keep your information safely stored. Lose power for a long period of time and you’ll lose parameters and need to reprogram.

How often do you need a new battery?

We have these batteries in stock for you.

The batteries last a very long time—sometimes up to 4 years before they run out—and alert you well before they lose power.

The E206 error code first shows up when there is 10% left in the battery so it can appear up to a month before the battery actually runs out. However, these little tiny cells are so cheap, there’s no reason to squeeze the life out of them and risk losing all of your settings when they die. You have one minute from when the power is gone to replace the battery before your information is gone.

So instead of risking an expensive reprogramming process, keep some of these batteries on hand. If you see this code and replaced the battery but nothing changed, give us a call and we can help.

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