Industry 4.0 Delayed by Engineers?


Rexroth is a leader in the evolution of Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things in action. The technology is there, but adoption of the new technology is slow. Why? Take your pick from the most popular reasons:

Security concerns

Company culture

Business plans

Up-front investment

Here’s another possibility being discussed: engineers. Specifically, machine designers. It’s natural, some say, for engineers to want to create the whole systems themselves from start to finish. They don’t want to use Open Core or Open Source, with its handy libraries of interchangeable code and standardized modular parts. They want to create their own magnificent stuff from the electrical socket out.

We get that.

But insofar as that’s true, it’s time to get over it. Just as the flat world is forcing us humans to communicate better across cultural divides, the IIoT is forcing machinery to communicate across company and platform boundaries. We can’t be lone wolves using our own favorite arcane languages and devices if we want to participate in the 4th industrial revolution.

We specialize in Rexroth’s legacy electric servo motors, drives, and controls. Those babies aren’t talking to other machines in your facility, and you can’t readily access them with your tablet or smartphone. The revolution is passing them by.

It makes sense to keep them in service, though. Many of the legacy machines are still going strong after decades of solid work, and they can be a viable part of your operation for decades more. We believe in using creativity and problem solving skills to make the best use of the units that still work for you, adding new units as needed.

When it’s time to add those new units, it makes sense to use Open Core. It makes sense for machine designers and engineers on the floor alike to work together to create something much bigger than one machine. We can assist you in planning and implementing your machinery in ways that respect the classic approaches you’ve been using while looking forward to the future.

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