Industry 4.0 Training from Rexroth

The new reality of manufacturing is that there will no longer be hundreds of low-skilled humans toiling away at the assembly line. The jobs for people will be jobs that require more specific training. Manufacturers are already seeing problems with a lack of training in workers, and labor groups claim that those manufacturers are not willing to invest in the training that workers need to fill the positions in a modern smart factory.

Rexroth to the rescue.

Rexroth’s new systems are designed to train workers. The video above shows how the system can work for direct instruction with tablets and a training set up. Electric drive and control systems available from Rexroth include these:

  • IndraDrive C
  • IndraDrive CS
  • IndraLogic
  • IndraDrive M
  • EcoDrive
  • DIAX04

Any of these training systems can be purchased for use in your facility. They may be portable or desktop models, and most include power supply, drives, and one or two servo motors. They also include a sample project.

Rexroth also offers online training, with both live and pre-recorded classes, as well as custom hands-on training. Licenses for web-based electric drive and control training can include a number of team members at a single price.

While these resources will be helpful for those using the new IndraDrive systems, they are of limited value for legacy Rexroth electric drive and control systems. For those, you need specialists like us. Put down your tablet and use your smartphone to call us at 479-422-0390. If you don’t need us right now, store that number in your phone. With decades of experience, we can provide phone support, field support, factory repair, and reman for all Rexroth electric industrial motion components. We also have the largest selection of emergency replacement parts in the nation on our shelves, and charter planes ready to get them to you fast.

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