IoT vs. VR


Some tech forecasters have suggested that virtual reality will be the big news this year, not the Internet of Things. Others scoff, saying that IoT vs. VR comes down to dollars — and the numbers are on IoT’s side. So are you on Team VR or Team IoT?

Rexroth does both, using virtual reality to do remote training and even remote service. Since Rexroth doesn’t certify third party repair services, having VR support is necessary in places where normal service is impossible. And of course, Rexroth is a leader in the Industrial Internet of Things, pioneering in Industry 4.0.

IoT, according to predictions, will bring in $13 trillion in revenue in 2025. It’s already in use in homes, offices, and factories across the nation. VR is predicted to bring in $35 billion in 2025, adding together both consumer use and its use in healthcare, engineering, education, the military, and industry.

And IoT is already with us. It’s in predictive maintenance capabilities at work, where sensors alert us when machinery needs service. It’s in wearables that tell us to move more or get our phones to remind us to sit up straight. It’s in smart shelving that alerts us when stock is getting low and sensors that catch inefficiencies in human processes.

VR is still mostly associated with games. But there are increasing numbers of educational tools, plus the beginnings of industry use in apps that let you walk through your CAD designs with Google Cardboard.

Since VR is all about wearable things connected to the internet, it can actually be subsumed in IoT. And the two naturally work together.

But both also make people nervous.

A recent World Economic Forum survey found that 84% of respondents believed IoT would be a disruptive force in their industries — but only 7% had a strategy involving IoT. And it’s not surprising. New technologies create changes, and people are often uncomfortable with change.

For example, we’re still working with machinery that has been in place for 20 or 30 or 40 years. And we say, if it’s still working, keep using it. Keep it out of landfills and continue making good use of good machinery. Rexroth electric motion control is excellent, and with factory repair, it will continue to serve you for years to come.

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