Virtual Reality for Industrial Repair?


Rexroth industrial motion control rarely needs service or repair, and that’s a good thing. After all, you can’t just run down to your local repair shop. Even if a local servo repair shop exists in your neighborhood, Rexroth doesn’t sell parts or provide certification for third party repair shops. You don’t know where they’ll get the parts they’ll use, and they don’t know what to do with the parts.

We know for sure that you won’t receive a warranty from a third party repair shop the way you will for factory reman.

But often there isn’t an local repair shop. If you’re drilling for oil or conducting research in a remote area, you have no local options. Rexroth’s Hägglunds machinery now has a new service option: virtual reality. Engineers with an internet connection and a service agreement can participate in virtual reality service with a smartphone or tablet, participating in the repair under the virtual supervision of Rexroth engineers.

You may have tried a virtual reality game, attended a virtual concert, or done a little virtual tourism on your coffee break. If so, you know the surprising power of virtual reality. This is a smart option for certain situations. Rexroth is once again demonstrating their leadership in the use of new technology in an industrial setting.

However, this is only available for Hägglunds heavy-duty drives.

If you’re not using Hägglunds, but are rather using Rexroth electric motion control devices, you can call us and get immediate phone support, field support, emergency replacement units. We’ll see to your factory repair or reman, too.

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