Microsoft Announces Open Source Robotics Software

Where’s our flying car? Where’s our robot butler? How come people still have to work so hard in factories?

The truth is, a lot of exciting technology is being delayed by human choices. One of those choices is the use of proprietary machine languages. When you have machines from multiple makers, the devices’ special sauces can make it impossible for them to communicate with one another.

The makers hope you’ll choose to buy all your machines from one vendor. That’s one way to avoid communication problems.

Another way is to use Open Source software. Rexroth uses Open Core Engineering to make it not just possible, but practical to program motion control systems in machine languages your team already knows.

Open Core includes streamlined engineering workflows, templates and modules to speed up development, and integration of smart devices with industrial automation engineering.

Microsoft comes to the party

Open Robotics has an Open Source operating system called ROS. Microsoft has officially launched ROS for Windows 10. Microsoft sees this as a big step forward, since it will allow collaboration with Microsoft Azure IoT as well as use of Windows 10 for highly accessible interface development.

Surprised? “The time of hostility between Microsoft and open source is a thing of the past.” says Microsoft. Azure IoT is open source, and Microsoft is working to compare its new openness with the closed worlds of Mac and Apple.

As the Industrial Internet of Things pushes the need for intercommunication among devices, it’s a great time to get friendly with Open Source robotics software.

Open Source and Open Core

Rexroth’s IoT Gateway works with Bosch IoT cloud, Oracle IoT cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Rexroth’s “Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT” certification has been demonstrated extensively in recent years at the Hannover Messe and other trade shows.

Opening core and source is key for the future of Industry 4.0. In the meantime, if you need service and support for any electric Rexroth industrial motion control component, cutting edge or legacy, you need to call us first. We specialize in Rexroth electric drives, controls, and servo motors.

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