MKD Motors in Packaging


In the 1960s, packaging was revolutionized by the bottom loading case packer, using MKD motors with absolute encoder feedback.

To the uninitiated, “bottom loading case packer” might sound like a Shakespearean style insult. In reality, it’s a machine that can do a task that previously had required human workers. This new machine, created by Sabel Engineering of Sonoma, can gently pack items that couldn’t be packed with vacuum technology.

Now, Massman Automation Designs owns the technology, and has developed a faster version of the original machine. They described their use of Rexroth motion control as having an “incredibly high degree of success.”

“The Bosch Rexroth motion products have proved to be extremely dependable, flexible, and cost competitive,” said Mike Roth, Electrical Controls Manager at Massman Automation. “We haven’t found a motion platform that surpasses Bosch Rexroth.”

The MKD motors and associated motion control system in the original Sabel design allowed a smaller footprint, and the use of standard parts kept costs down. Rexroth continues to use a modular approach and standard parts as often as possible to meet the needs of manufacturers in the most affordable way.

The resulting meld of flexibility and power makes Rexroth’s motion control systems outstanding solutions for problems and needs within multiple industries.

The MKD motors are legacy components. We specialize in legacy components, though we can also support your needs with newer Rexroth electric motion control. We offer phone support and field support, factory repair and reman, and the largest supply of emergency replacement units in the nation. Charter planes are on hand if you have an immediate need.

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