New Vehicles

We were supposed to have flying cars by now, but the market isn’t there. We were supposed to have personal hovercrafts, but they don’t look as cool as anticipated. And driverless cars work for Google… except when people run into them.

Rexroth has driverless automatic trucks carrying freight right now, though.

Terex Port Solutions is using Rexroth motion control to move containers to and fro. They have PLC programming to steer the vehicles through the busy port of Hamburg, shown above, and they manage it without collisions.

The automated carriers respond to information from transponders in the terminal road surface, and can be programmed for accuracy at levels of  + or – 25 mm. They have electric power, so there are no emissions in the terminal area. And the entire fleet can be programmed together for perfect integration.

An optional feature is the carrier’s ability to unload itself at its destination.

Terex Port Solutions is the industry leader in automated guided vehicles, and they choose Rexroth to make their vehicles work.

Let’s face it: Rexroth makes the best motion control on the planet. Whether it’s magical motion at a crowded port or the servos in your plant, Rexroth is there. When you need support, we’re there to help with phone support, field support, factory refurbishment, and complete reman solutions.

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