Open Source, Open Core Opportunities

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Open Core and Open Source technologies are central to the Internet of Things, and Rexroth is leading the way for Industry 4.0.

The focus on open source software is unavoidable, since machines have to be able to communicate freely in order to fulfill the promise of the IoT in industry and beyond. Put at its simplest, we can’t expect machines to communicate if they can’t speak the same language.

But Rexroth has pointed out in a recent press release that open source also frees machine builders from  PLC restrictions. Machine builders can use programming languages such as C++ to interface directly with machine controls, so they can innovate freely, instead of being limited by PLC options.

“For the first time,” the press release explains, “machine manufacturers can create individual and real-time machine functions outside of the PLC program with Rexroth’s Open Core Interface technology.”

This means that machine builders can differentiate their offerings and create machines that fulfill more specific functions, as well as creating new technologies that can mesh with existing industrial machinery. This is an important improvement for machine builders, and a game changer for industry.

New technologies have to be able to cooperate with current workflow and industry standards in order to be economically viable. Open source and Open Core technologies allow new ideas to come to market faster and support innovation at the machine build level.

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