Recycling Rexroth Units


Rexroth has been making the best motion control on the planet for decades, and we still get service calls for Rexroth electric motion control units installed in the 1960s.

Still, there may come a time when you no longer need your Rexroth units. You may be upgrading to the new IndraDrive family of components, you may be downsizing your factory, or you may have some other reason for change. So there you are with a couple hundred pounds of metal you no longer need. What should you do with it?

Fortunately, Rexroth units can be returned to Rexroth for recycling.

Since Rexroth drive and control units are made primarily of metal, most of any Rexroth component can be recycled, meaning that less of it goes to the landfill and more of it returns to use in new products. Mining metals is generally a destructive process, and preparing the raw materials for industrial use is very energy-intensive, so metals are worth recycling. Their recycling and reuse makes a real difference to the environment.

Rexroth can disassemble the products and sort the metals with highly effective separation processes. Even the synthetic materials that are left after these sorting process can be recycled thermally.Rexroth doesn’t charge for these services. However, the components must be returned clean, free of grease, oil, dirt, and foreign matter. No third-party elements of any kind can be included (yet another reason to avoid third-party repairs) and no components from other manufacturers will be accepted.

Just send the products free domicile to the following address:
Bosch Rexroth AG
Electric Drives and Controls
Bürgermeister-Dr.-Nebel-Straße 2
D-97816 Lohr am Main

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